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Dinner at the Fundy Take-out

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Fundy Take-OutWe started the Canadian leg of our vacation today, driving an inland route from Bangor, ME to Fundy National Park in New Brunswick. We’re staying at the Fundy Park Motel, and Doug Stewart, the owner, said to go into town (Alma) and get some take-out from a seafood shack.

He suggested the scallop dinner and a large order of fried clams, and we almost followed that. A small order of fried clams seemed like enough for us. Scallops are the shellfish around these parts, and it was the fried scallops that I hadn’t seen at tons of similar New England seafood shacks. (Okay, they also had poutine on the menu.)

Anyway the scallops were amazing! Cooked perfectly inside, crispy and browned on the outside. Pre-frozen fries, I think, and the ketchup only came in little packets– not ideal for the slatherer. But: all totally worth it for the scallops.

fried scallops and clams from the fundy take-out

We have a couple more days in this region and I hope to have them again somewhere. The fried clams were fine. The beers we bought at the Alma General Store and smuggled into the picnic area of the take-out joint were also just right. Followed the whole fried-food and contraband beer dinner with yet another soft-serve cone. Choc-van swirl.

It’s Not NY Without

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Lox and bagels.

Our last day on the NY leg of our vacation we met my auntie at Sarge’s. I thought I’d get the Kayo special (400 lbs of corned beef hash and 3 giant eggs) but when it came time to order, I switched to a lox and bagel plate. It was a great big oily (in the best way) heap of Nova Scotia lox with an everything bagel.

I built two open-faced sandwiches out of it and ate every delicious fishy bite. Also, when we sat down today they brought us a big bowl of sweet vinegary slaw and a big bowl of pickles. Yay!

Auntie had pancakes (gigantic– I think she made her way through one out of three) and david had a mushroom and onion omelet with rye toast and home fries.

Tomorrow we’re off to the culinary mecca that is: New Brunswick.

Thai Beef Salad

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

I impulse-bought an overly large steak at Costco. Okay, it was a two-pack of overly large steaks. I grilled them yesterday and ate some for dinner, but had plenty rare grilled steak for a few days of dinner, and tonight, I made Thai beef salad. I had to buy a new bottle of fish sauce because David threw out the old bottle, because “It smelled bad.” Ummm.

thai beef salad

In a big bowl, put:
A couple cloves of garlic, finely sliced
A couple shallots, finely sliced
Squeeze the juice of two limes over it, and add two tablespoons of fish sauce and a tablespoon of agave syrup (most recipes call for sugar or brown sugar, but I had this and figured, why not?).

Add a grated carrot or two, a cuke, peeled, seeded and sliced, a couple jalapenos or serranos (red ones are nice for color but I couldn’t find them today) and some celery leaves. Toss all that and let it sit to let the flavors blend and the garlic and shallots to mellow a little.

Slice up your leftover steak or roast beef, as thinly as you can. Toss that in with the other stuff, and add some basil and mint. Or mint and cilantro. Or basil and cilantro. Toss all that to let the juices soak into the meat a little.

Then you can scoop all that over some lettuce. Or rice. i served David’s with rice because, well, he likes rice. Oh yeah. There were a few tomato wedges on there.

Most recipes call for about twice as much fish sauce and also soy sauce, but since I try to keep salt lower for my dining partner, I cut out the soy entirely and halved the fish sauce. I squirted some sriracha onto mine.